303, 2022

General Assembly Overwhelmingly Adopts Resolution Demanding Russian Federation Immediately End Illegal Use of Force in Ukraine, Withdraw All Troops

3 March 2022|Insights, International Commercial Law, Latest News|

United Nations' Member States today overwhelmingly adopted a resolution demanding the Russian Federation immediately end its invasion of Ukraine and unconditionally withdraw all its military forces from that neighbouring country, as the General Assembly continued its emergency session on the crisis.

2602, 2021

Gross negligence under a Jewellers’ Block Policy

26 February 2021|Dispute Resolution, Insurance, Latest News|

Acting for several Underwriters from the London Market, the firm successfully defended a claim lodged by the insured before the Court of Vicenza (Italy) for the payment of the indemnity under a Jewellers’ Block Policy for an alleged robbery at premises. In its Judgement, the Court of Vicenza ruled that the behaviour of Read More