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Italian retail jewellery stores chain

– advising an Italian company of the jewellery retail industry in the acquisition of the 50% stake in a jewellery retailer and negotiations of an ancillary trademark license agreement;

Jewellery design patent dispute

– advising an Italian company of the jewellery industry in the negotiation and entering into a settlement agreement in connection with a design patent dispute;

MDM Studio Legale Announces New Blog, Insurance Law Alert

February 4, 2016MDM Law firmLatest News

As a service to clients and interested professionals, the firm has launched a new blog titled “Insurance Law Alert” available at

Written by Massimiliano Di Martino, the blog focuses on the rapidly evolving Italian insurance law, focusing on the new challenges and opportunities presented by European Union action, it also examines key legal issues in today’s insurance and reinsurance market.

The firm successfully represents the UK branch of a Swiss insurance group in a subrogation action

– the firm successfully represents the UK branch of a Swiss insurance group in the subrogation action against an Italian entity in bankruptcy proceedings. With regard to this matter, it is important to highlight that the subrogation action of the insurer against a third party liable for the loss indemnified, in the event of bankruptcy proceedings of such third party, the subrogation relates to an unsecured credit (recitius the credit towards the entity in bankruptcy proceedings has no privilege) and as a result the recovery is unlikely. Conversely, in the event the third party is covered by a liability insurance, the claim for compensation against such third party – and accordingly the subrogation action – has a privilege over the indemnity due under the liability insurance cover of the third party, in accordance with artt. 2767 and 2778 n. 11 of the Italian Civil Code.

Legal Sustainability Alliance


The Legal Sustainability Alliance (LSA), formerly the Legal Sector Alliance, was founded in 2007 by a group of leading law firms to take positive action on climate change by measuring, reducing and reporting on their carbon footprint.

Since that time the LSA has grown both in size and scope. We are now a collaborative network of nearly 300 firms with members varying from small practices to multinational global firms. Membership is free thanks to the generous contribution of the LSA Executive Firms and The Law Society who provide both financial support and strategic leadership.

The shift of the name from the Legal Sector Alliance to Legal Sustainability Alliance reflects this new wider remit. LSA member firms are committed to looking at and acting on all areas of sustainability.

The firm has become a member of the Legal Sustainability Alliance (LSA), since July 2011.


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