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Italian retail jewellery stores chain

– advising an Italian company of the jewellery retail industry in the acquisition of the 50% stake in a jewellery retailer and negotiations of an ancillary trademark license agreement;

Jewellery design patent dispute

– advising an Italian company of the jewellery industry in the negotiation and entering into a settlement agreement in connection with a design patent dispute;

Sponsorship agreement with the Italian leading beauty contest

– advising an Italian leading manufacturer of jewellery products and sponsor on its sponsorship agreement with the Italian leading beauty contest.

Thermal transfer printers

– advising an Italian company operating in the thermal transfer printers for the textile industry on its settlement and licensing arrangement with a German Group.

Database on cardiovascular disease in children

– advising the not-for-profit Italian Association for the fight against thrombosis on its licensing arrangement relating to the development, promotion and operation of a database committed to the prevention of cardiovascular disease in children.


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